Listen Cat! Melissa Paredes: “After a separation sometimes love is strengthened”

Will true love always win? In the latest edition of Women in Command, the new panelist Melissa Paredes became more romantic than ever and confessed how in truth, she started her love with her ‘Activator Kitten’.

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During one of the sequences, the former host of America Hoy It surprised more than one, because it was sent with a tremendous phrase of love that puzzled more than one, because it remembered the past.

It all happened when Rotobotín Y Robotina reappeared on the set of the show Channel 2, which as you remember, was one of the most famous couples at the end of last year, where they almost completely ended their relationship.

Now, both returned recharged and more in love than ever, as they set themselves the challenge of answering various questions about them and showing how loving they are.

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Does Melissa Paredes believe in love after separation?

After this resurgence of love, Melissa Paredes She saw them more excited than ever and launched herself with the phrase that we mentioned at the beginning of this note, which is the following: “After a separation sometimes love is strengthened.”

These words caused the tremor on the television set, as they asked if that case could occur between her and Rodrigo Cuba, her ex-partner, despite the idea, Meli said bluntly that it was not her case, but that sometimes it happens.