Liuba María Hevia and her eternal gratitude to Pablo Milanés

The poet and singer-songwriter Liuba Maria Hevia highlighted the human and artistic quality of his compatriot, the late Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milaneswho died early Monday morning in a Madrid hospital due to complications with his health.

The star of the Ibero-American song died at the age of 79 and with his departure he has left a great legacy and millions of people who embraced his songs from the Cuban Nueva Trova movement, of which he was one of its managers.

At the request of Diario Libre, the interpreter of “Tantas vidas” or “El abuelo” recalled that she shared a stage of her childhood with Milanés.

“Pablo was united to me from childhood by the ancestral rite of love and verses. With Pablo, a piece of my childhood is gone, that stage of life in which we play at exchanging destinations and end up inhabiting identical destinations. But he was also the singer that my music-loving mother enjoyed the most. Today she would be torn apart like when a flower withers. I sang Pablo and Silvio from my childhood, I played, I grew up and I fell in love for the first time with their songs, I learned to play the guitar with their great songs, I searched for Pablo and delved into Vallejo, Martí, Benedetti, Guillén. It was a door to the light of beauty and knowledge,” he reflected. Liuba Maria Hevia.

He recalled that his enormous musicality allowed him to do duets with other greats such as Silvio, Elena, Miguelito Cuní.

“And I am no longer talking about what he did with Serrat, Sabina, Ana Belén, Víctor Manuel, just to name a few. He knew how to delve into the son, the rumba, the filin, the author’s song, infinite doors that he illuminated with his unusual talent. Because of him I loved and discovered Compay, El Albino, Cotán and other enormous and unfairly forgotten artists who, thanks to Pablo, who was the one who first recorded them on the album Años, made themselves known and this was long before the existence of Buena Social Club. He welcomed them and offered them a space with the sole purpose of claiming talent. Pablo was a refuge, his enormous and strong human nature allowed him to sustain the weight of the dreams of many hearts, including mine”, commented the artist who is also part of Nueva Trova.

“I love you and we love you whole as you are, Cuban at its best, essential. Eternally Pablo.” Liuba Maria Hevia poet and singer-songwriter

A privilege

The singer-songwriter defined her friendship with Pablo Milanes as a privilege and praised the support he gave his career.

“I was privileged. I recorded my first album “Coloring Hope” in 1993, the year in which the Foundation was created. Pablo Milanes. Thanks to that laudable and exciting effort that frustrated misunderstanding and mediocrity until they managed to make it disappear, several artists recorded our first album, Polito Ibáñez, the Camerata Romeu… There I saw Pablo simple for the first time, a man loved by the entire team at the Foundation. I remember he listened to my record from start to finish and he congratulated me. I could not get over my astonishment. It was too much for me, much more than I could imagine in my best dreams, ”he recounted.

She added: “I am very prudent and respectful of the private life of my colleagues, much more if it is about my teachers, but a beautiful affection was born between us and we saw each other, we shared days of joy and music at home thanks to a common brother , the excellent musician Miguelito Núñez, almost a son to Pablo, who provided these really wonderful meetings. Years later, I had the happiness of having Pablo on my album “Travesía mágica”, and of knowing from him the profound impact that this work had on his two youngest children. Pablo and Nancy told me that they were asked to listen to the song from “Cangrejo Alejo”, which we recorded together, and they told him, the song of the pretty girl. This was very funny and endearing to me.

Referring to his personal life, he said that it was beautiful for her to feel happy with Nancy, the woman who offered him deep love until today. “I think about the pain that they must have installed in her soul, her, and all her children, and I can’t help but feel a lot of grief. Another privilege was sharing two songs on my album “Parallel Lives”, one of his that went back to my youth and still overwhelms me and shakes me to the bone “That age is gone and another one of my own, “If I lack your smile” .

a paradigm

Liuba is sad and it is not for less. The bond that she cultivated is a faithful testimony of the closeness that she had with the award-winning singer-songwriter. Pablo Milanes.

Closing his comments he said: “To close this review, which in the end is nothing more than what springs today from my sadness and what will always inhabit me when I think of him, I would like to refer to what I published about him in my networks. And I leave it in the present because Pablo earned immortality a long time ago: You are a nation, culture, poetry, beauty, music, lighthouse and above all Pablo, you are consistent with your thinking and with your way of understanding life. You are a paradigm of much of what he sustains me as an artist and as a person. I love you and we love you whole as you are, Cuban in the best version of him, essential. Eternally Pablo”, concluded Liuba Maria Hevia.

Liuba and Paul