Lollapalooza: Drake had the most controversial show, with delay and ban on live broadcast

lollapalooza It is a festival highly anticipated by music lovers, since it brings together the most outstanding artists of various genres. For this year’s edition, the locations chosen were Chile and Argentina. Both the press and the Latin public were excited by the arrival of Rosalia, Billie Eilish, Twenty One Pilots, Drake, among others. Precisely, this last artist was the one who gave a lot to talk about due to the demands he requested. Know all the details in the following note.

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Drake began with the tour of their presentations in Argentina. The rapper had to dazzle the people who came to the San Isidro Hippodrome to enjoy his songs. However, the first impasse appeared on Friday night. The Flow production company announced through its social networks that the artist and his team decided not to allow the live broadcast of the show, despite the fact that they already had the agreed agreements.

Flow announces that Drake’s show will not be broadcast. Photo: The Voice

Thousands of users did not hesitate to express their annoyance at the fact, since it was not possible for this type of decision to take place minutes before the start of its staging.

There was no other and the show had to go on. The Canadian did not give rise to criticism in his performanceWell, from the interpretation and security that he projected on stage, he made the Argentine public forget the initial ‘mistakes’.

To close with a flourish, the interpreter of “God’s plan” sang the famous and much-loved song “Tsetse Fly”: “Boys, now we are excited again.” The Argentine fans burst with emotion and did not hesitate to chant it, remembering that they are the current world champions.

Drake made Chile wait

Although it is true that it was Drake’s first performance in Argentina, it was expected that the story in Chile would be different. The beginnings are always difficult, apparently for the singer, who was 20 minutes late in his second presentation.

To calm things down, the protagonist expressed a popular saying from the southern country that caused the audience to respond euphorically with emotion and accompany him to sing musical hits such as “Sicko mode” and “Headlines”.

Drake and his presentation in Chile. Photo: Drake/Instagram

Finally, the rapper finished his presentation, leaving a lot of material for his followers to comment on, since he posted everything that was his presentation in both Latin American countries on his social networks.