Lorena Álvarez dedicates a meaningful message to Pedro Tenorio after announcing his departure from “Latina news”

Lorraine Alvarez and Pedro Tenorio formed a strong bond after hosting “Latina noticias” for several months before making their retirement from the show official. In the midst of the intrigue to find out what the future of the well-known journalists will be, the communicator shared some tender snapshots with her friend and her colleague to highlight the great work they did as a team while they were in charge of the aforementioned newscast. As is known, from January 30, the figures will change and others will be the people who will appear in front of cameras at the same time.

Lorena Álvarez and Pedro Tenorio say goodbye to Latina’s morning. Photo: Composition LR/Latina

Lorena Álvarez’s farewell

Through her official Instagram account, Lorena Álvarez published some tender photographs to commemorate the pleasant time in which she was part of “Latina news” along with Pedro Tenorio. Likewise, she wrote an emotional dedication to the entire team that accompanied her in this stage that has come to an end.

“’Latina news’ stays in my heart. I am going to miss seeing Pedro Tenorio and ‘Checho’ Ibarra every day, and laughing with you”, he expressed in the first lines of his post to continue stating: “I am also going to miss your unique sense of humor, but I know that you will continue to be present in the important moments and the daily ones. Thank you, friends! ”, He finished.

The messages of support from their faithful followers were not long in coming and they wished them good luck in the next project they are going to start, be it in Latina or in some other television house.

Lorena Álvarez said goodbye to her partner Pedro Tenorio. Photo: Instagram capture/Lorena Álvarez

The last program of Pedro Tenorio and Lorena Álvarez

On Friday, January 27, Lorena Álvarez and Pedro Tenorio they saddened their usual audience when they said goodbye to the beloved space “Latina news”, because they have new challenges to face as communicators. The presenters took a few minutes to talk about their experience there and what’s next in each other’s careers.

On the other hand, they did not clarify if they would stay on the same channel or if they plan to sign a contract with another television company. “They have made my life happier and better,” the journalist commented.