Lorena Álvarez linked from the beach after an earthquake and laments: “With a washed face in times of emergency”

His career first. Lorena Álvarez is on everyone’s lips after committing to Álvaro Sarria, but she does not stop fulfilling her role as a journalist and this was demonstrated by the earthquake of 5.6 degrees on the Richter scale that shook Lima.

The figure of Latina was at her beach house in Punta Hermosa after her request for a hand when she had to go on the air to talk about the strong earthquake that occurred this Friday, December 7.

Lorraine Alvarez He spoke first LIVE about how he saw the sea in this spa from the balcony of his house and announced that there was no tsunami alert, and then go to his social networks to give their discharges.

In the stories of her official account on Instagram, the communicator gave the details of how she made her transmission at the last minute, and regretted that she could not have been more arranged.

Always ready, like scouts. A mini-dispatch from the small south, and thus we close the holidays. Always a journalist, and the story of my life on TV: Being with my face washed in transcendent moments of emergency ”, he concluded.

Lorena Álvarez is moved by mommy who asks for help

A few days ago, Lorena Álvarez broke when she heard the unfortunate story of a mother who asked for help for her son who is in poor health. And it is that he suffers from leukemia and needs to have a treatment.

“It is so hard for so many parents, who have to come from the provinces where they live to the capital to take care of themselves, leaving everything (…) The truth is heartbreaking, the indolence we show when we see a person get on the bus to sell candy, we don’t even look at him “she said quite moved.