Lorena Álvarez: Who is your boyfriend Álvaro Sarria and how was his marriage proposal?

Long live love! Latina journalist Lorena Álvarez has always kept her family life private, but now she decided to share with all her followers that her boyfriend Álvaro Sarria proposed to her. Given this news, many have begun to wonder who is the lucky person who will bring the television host to the altar, so El Popular will tell you everything about him.

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“I’m a little nervous and you’re right there to make it official that I want to marry you,” Álvaro is heard saying while a smiling Lorraine He sees it from the balcony of his house and then goes downstairs and accepts the proposal.

Who is Álvaro Sarria?

Alvaro Sarria the now fiancé of the journalist Lorraine Alvarez He is the audiovisual director of his own company called Ocho Siete, which has worked with large companies such as BANBIF, BELCORP, Cineplanet, INTERCORP and others.

In the web portal of his production company, he details that Sarria has more than 20 years of experience in the creation of advertising spots and his main location is located in Miraflores.

“Ocho Siete is a new challenge and the continuation of more than two decades of solid experience directing high-impact audiovisual projects with the country’s top companies and agencies,” reads the website of Alvaro.

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From what can be seen on his social networks, he likes to play sports with his bicycle, in addition to the fact that he loves the sea. It should be noted that in March of last year the journalist and the director bought a new house and did not hesitate to share it with their followers.