Lourdes Sacín explodes against Paolo Guerrero: “The party lasted hours but they just closed the premises”

He left with everything. Paolo Guerrero held a massive party for his 38th birthday a few days ago, and Lourdes Sacín could not help but speak out to criticize him with everything.

As is known, this type of event is prohibited, especially now with the arrival of the third wave of coronavirus with the Omicron variant, and the journalist had a lot to say.

Lourdes Sacín She was surprised that no municipal staff interrupted the celebration of Paolo Guerrero at that very moment, and only now they are closing the place where it was held in Lurín.

“I have just seen that the batteries are being put in place and they are closing down the venue for Paolo Guerrero’s party, the farm in Lurín. That party lasted hours, but no one could get to close it at that time?”

“Why if he can celebrate a party in style with a lot of characters, even having Daniela Darcourt? Why, being Paolo Guerrero, did he not close at that moment?”, He asked.

Lourdes Sacín it was recalled that Paolo Guerrero It is an example for many, and that it should not have held this type of meeting due to the current situation, although it has done so in previous years.

“I am surprised that Paolo Guerrero, being an example, did this in the midst of a pandemic, at a time when social gatherings were prohibited. I know that he is always used to celebrating his birthday and inviting a lot of people, but this time it was different, “he said.

Lourdes Sacín does not see sense of the recent closure of the premises. “It seems strange to me that no staff from the municipality has gone to close the place where I was doing this party and they only do it now when several days have passed. What is the point?”, He questioned.

“They have already charged, and if there is a fine to the premises, I imagine that Paolo Guerrero will support there. They knew what they were exposed to when they rented it to Paolo Guerrero. Really this bad issue, and all the people who were there with him “he added.

Finally, Lourdes Sacín let see that Paolo Guerrero would have ‘crown’. “I think that if it had been someone other than Paolo Guerrero, the police and municipal authorities would have arrived at that very moment to close and cancel that party. However, they only act after several days have passed. speaking? Did the authorities let that pass for some reason? “

Giuliana Rengifo explodes against Paolo Guerrero for a party: “Enough of showing off what you have”

For his part, in addition to Lourdes Sacín, Giuliana Rengifo assured that Paolo Guerrero He was wrong to make such a big celebration in a pandemic, and he hit it with a stick for wanting to show how much money he has.

“He is a reference, but he is also a human being and he was wrong this time. Everything has been scandalized because there were many people, if you have a meeting they have to choose the closest friends and not invite just to show off or say: ‘ Look, I celebrate my birthday the way I want and I hire who I want, ‘”he said.

“Enough of displaying what you have. In these times of coronavirus, you have to share with family and friends that you have counted on your fingers,” he added Giuliana Rengifo quite obfuscated.