Lourdes Sacín gets emotional and throws flowers to Bryan Arámbulo: “I love you and I want to meet you”

It almost broke. Lourdes Sacín usually makes people talk about her controversial opinions, but this time she couldn’t help but get excited when referring to Bryan Arámbulo again on her social networks.

El Popular newspaper convert IN EXCLUSIVE with the singer, and he told us that he was grateful to the journalist for her support before the detractors, so he even wanted to meet her, highlighting her career.

Now Lourdes Sacín answered the compliments to Bryan arambulo and got excited. “I am sending this message directly to you, Bryan Arámbulo. They gave me an interview you did with Diario El Popular, I heard what you said about me and I loved it, I was totally surprised,” he said.

“When I have posted about you, it is because I really like your music, I love your voice, it is special, particular, where you can sing any type of music and genre. I love it,” he added in a video published in his official Facebook account.

Lourdes Sacín He assured that he will always defend what does not seem fair to him, and recalled complicated passages in his life. “I do not like when I feel that people attack someone for the pure, because I have lived, I know what it is that they make you firewood out of nowhere,” he said.

“I love that you are strong and are succeeding, and leave people envious. There will always be detractors, there will be people who wish you badly, who envy you, but it is up to you to show why you are a success,” he added .

Lourdes Sacín highlighted the great career of Bryan arambulo, so he asked him to ignore the ‘haters’ and made it clear that he also wants to meet him soon.

“For something you have belonged to Los Claveles, for something you are a soloist, for something the contracts are raining down on you and you are having the success you have. There are many people who like your music, who support you and there will always be detractors. let it hurt for them, it’s not worth it, “he said.

“In truth you are worth a lot, and any kind of problems that they have, is theirs. I really would love to meet you and thank you for the words you have had for me. If I publish something of yours it is because I like your music, and not wanting to attack or anything, “he added.

Lourdes Sacín wants to go to a Bryan Arámbulo concert

To end, Lourdes Sacín made it clear that he wants to go to a concert Bryan Arámbulo. “I really would love to go to your concert because your music is beautiful. For my part, pure good vibes and many successes, and continues to triumph, good luck in everything,” he said.