Lourdes Sacín on Magaly Medina’s controversial ampay: “I would be sorry if they did it to Brunella”

Hope it’s not the politician. This January 25‘Magaly TV La Firme’ will share a controversial ampay that will upset the local show business. And it is that, according to the progress that went viral on social networks, a character who married his beloved would have been unfaithful and would have had a “fiery” encounter before reaching the altar. Given this, many netizens have begun to speculate. Lourdes Sacin She did not remain silent and gave her opinion, hoping that it is not about Richard Acuña, Brunella Horna’s husband.

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“Today in Magaly TV The Firm, he married his beloved surrounded by family and friends, but we will tell you all the details of the fiery meeting he had before saying yes”, was the message shared by the ‘voiceover’ of the ATV program, again generating controversy after the case of Renato Tapia, who was accused of not recognizing his youngest son of 6. This time, one of the last weddings of ‘Chollyuwood’ could put an end to their love story due to a deception.

It is so that the journalist Lourdes Sacinwho remains active in relation to entertainment issues, did not hesitate to comment on the publications of this medium and express that she would feel very sorry if it is about the son of Cesar Acuna, Richard Acuna. Meanwhile, he did not leave behind the other couples, Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander or Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora.

“Oh no, I hope it’s not Acuña, after how in love Brunella was seen at her dream wedding. I hope it’s not him. The husband of Valeria Piazza I doubt it, it shows that he adores her. It could also be Ethel’s or Tilsa’s, but I would be more sorry if they did it to Brunella, “she commented in Facebook Andy V’s ex-partner

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YOU CAN SEE: Magaly Medina announces a new controversial ampay: “The fiery meeting she had before saying yes”