Lourdes Sacín supports Gato Cuba’s romance with Ale Venturo: “I love that he is happy”

Looks good together. Rodrigo Cuba lived difficult moments after the ampay of Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda, but now he would be giving himself a new opportunity in love, and Lourdes Sacín could not stop speaking out.

A few days ago, Instarándula supported Gato Cuba with Ale Venturo on Pulpos beach, and since then they have not stopped sending romantic messages on social networks, evidencing their approach.

For this reason, Lourdes Sacín He used his official Facebook account to send his best wishes to Rodrigo Cuba and his new outgoing, as he recalled that he is only trying to get ahead after his divorce from Melissa Paredes.

“Everything seems to indicate that El Gato Cuba and Ale Venturo walk in little outings, because they leave many signs until they put little hearts. They also caught them on New Years together. I love the idea that the Cat is happy, “he said.

“When the rumors started, I believed and thought it was all very fast since he had just got divorced, but looking at them, they look cute, as if they had both been shot, and how nice that the Cat continues his life after what that he had to live ”, he added.

Lourdes Sacín assured that both Rodrigo Cuba What Ale Venturo They are dedicated parents, and he reminded them to take it easy now that he would be starting a relationship.

“Ale Venturo is the best friend of the Vertiz sisters, Natalie and Mariana, she is a 100% mom and El Gato is a 100% dad, so I hope everyone does well and calm down. Blessings for both of us ”, he specified.

“I don’t believe in mourning, life goes on”, Rodrigo Cuba after divorcing Melissa

Remember that Rodrigo Cuba left after five minutes of signing his divorce with Melissa Paredes and declared for Amor y fuego. Here he claimed to be loose in the square. “Officially released … officially divorced, yes they are always with me, always … I do not believe in mourning, life goes on”, were some of the words of the Cuba cat.