Lourdes Sacín wishes to meet Bryan Arámbulo: “I would love to go to a concert of yours”

Lourdes Sacín He spoke on social networks to refer to Bryan Arámbulo, who thanked the journalist for the support after being attacked by his neighbors in Huacho. Andy V’s ex-partner was moved by the singer’s greeting and even revealed that he wants to meet the cumbiambero or attend one of his concerts because he likes his voice and the work he has been doing in the music industry.

The communicator complimented the young man’s voice and wished many successes in his career. “In truth, I would love to go to a concert of yours because your music is beautiful. For my part, pure good vibes and many successes, and continues to triumph, good luck in everything, “he said through a video posted on Facebook.

On the other hand, the journalist recommended that the singer put aside his critics. “I don’t like it when I feel that people attack someone for the pure, because I have lived it, I know what it is that they make you firewood out of nowhere.” Also, he added. “I love that you are strong and successful, and make people envious. There will always be detractors, there will be people who wish you badly, who envy you, but it is up to you to show why you are a success ”.

The latest images released in which Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba and Ale Venturo appear have given much to talk about and the communicator did not hesitate to join in giving her point of view on the recent exits of the athlete and the businesswoman. “Taking a good look at them, they look cute, as if they had both been shot, and how nice that the ‘Cat’ continues his life after what he had to live (…) I hope everything goes well for them and they go calmly. Blessings for both of you ”.

The communicator was very harsh with the model who requested the release of John Kelvin. After that, Lourdes Sacín warned Dalia Durán that, if the father of her children leaves, he could retaliate against her. “He is always going to use his children to victimize himself. The safest thing is that she has communication with him. What he does not know is that while he manages to get out, he will talk nice to him, but if he leaves he will leave with anger, wanting to take revenge for having denounced him and imprisoned him ”.