Lucho Cáceres and the times he starred in a scandal

The actor Lucho Cáceres is a Peruvian actor remembered for his roles in television productions such as “1000 Trades” and “Back to the Neighborhood”, However, in recent days it has become a trend on the networks again due to a video in which he is seen insulting the driver of a public transport bus.

YOU CAN SEE: Lucho Cáceres explodes with insults against the bus driver who generated traffic: “Thank you, animal of m …”

However, it is not the first time that Lucho Caceres stage a scandal. He has been immersed in complaints for alleged assaults and has even been seen drunk. In this note from El Popular we tell you all those times in which the actor made news, but not because of his performance.

Lucho Cáceres and the time he was intervened while driving drunk

In 2005, Lucho Caceres He was intervened by the police for driving while intoxicated and the Magaly TV cameras were at the precise moment to record everything. The images were broadcast on the “magpie” program at the time.

Lucho Cáceres and the attack on Magaly’s photographer

a new touch with Magaly Medina It happened again in 2011. In November of that year, a photographer from his magazine reported having been attacked by Lucho Cáceres and even his work maquita ended up destroyed.

Even if Magaly Medina made the complaint in his program, Lucho Caceres he denied it. “The backpack has fallen, I never saw the camera, there was never physical contact”, was how the actor defended himself in an interview with “La Noche es Mía”.

Lucho Cáceres runs in quarantine

Although it was prohibited due to Covid-19, Lucho Caceres he cared very little and went running through the Pantanos de Villa. Once again, the cameras Magaly Medina They surprised him in the middle of a State of Emergency.

On that occasion, Lucho Caceres he justified himself by saying that he had to run because he has hypertension: “This treatment is based on a hypocaloric diet, a 300 mg dose of comersatin, and mandatory daily aerobic exercise, jogging in my case,” he replied on that occasion.

Lucho Caceres vs. Magaly Medina

The cameras of the program Magaly Medina They have always been at the precise moment when Lucho Caceres has generated controversy, so in 2020, the actor reminded him of his past in prison. However, the “magpie” was not left and answered loud and clear, reminding him of his episode in 2005, intervened while drunk.

If we’re going to talk about rehab, I’m fully rehabbed. Every time I have been sentenced, I have complied with everything (…) Are you or are you still consuming the same substances that years ago, in 2005, they allowed us to see you in that pathetic state?

Lucho Cáceres attacks Carlos Galdós

In 2020, Lucho Caceres He was very active on his social networks and questioned what was said by Carlos Galdos to Nicola Porcella, after the latter had a foolish comment with Karina Rivera. The actor sharpened his tongue against the radio host and his work in “The night is mine.”

“Sexism and homophobia were daily bread when you boasted saying ‘The night is mine’, and what you do today on the radio is not far from those times. So if you want to refer to the subject, have a little modesty, since you are in the same package, ”she wrote on his social network.

Lucho Cáceres and other lack of respect

Lucho Caceres He has also starred in impasses with his own co-workers, belonging to the world of acting. On her chance, Karina Calmet He accused him of having disrespected him. “He did it to me many times”he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the model claudia abused He assured that Lucho Cáceres had told him that taking photos was the only thing he knew how to do.