Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi are caught together on a yacht

Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi were captured together again by the cameras of Love and fire. In the preview of the program conducted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, the members of This is war very close and smiling in a meeting on board a yacht. The complete note that would confirm the beginnings of an alleged romance is presented this Monday, November 15 by Willax TV.

Will they continue to deny it?”Reads the description of the publication that was shared on the Instagram account of the show business. “And the codes?”, Can be seen in the video.

In what is shown, influencers are also seen chatting in a van. After a while, they leave it without losing sight of the surroundings.

It should be noted that the pair of friends has been romantically linked since they starred in a passionate kiss in The EEG Academy. In one of the chapters, they surprised the viewers with the intimate scene.

Since the captain of the ‘Warriors’ ended his relationship with Flavia Laos, he has been seen often with Luciana Fuster. Many of his followers speculated that the two would be a great couple.

However, they ruled out having a relationship and clarified that it is part of fiction. Parodi told América Espectáculos that they are just friends and that they have fun recording tiktoks.

We are friends, we record tiktoks… Just as I have recorded with Rosángela, I will record with her. I have recorded with Tefa, with Angie, with Paloma, with all my colleagues because that is what the public asks for, the public likes it ”, Patricio specified.

Also, he evidenced his annoyance for romantically linking him with someone without having proof.

“Whenever I’m single they speculate a lot. Last week they linked me with Rosángela and now they begin to link me with Luciana … They have no evidence, all they say is ‘because they stop together’ ”, he added.

During a new chapter of The Academy of This is War, the fictional couple formed by Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster had a new romantic encounter when the popular ‘Pato’ surprised her with a serenade

After a video was released where Luciana Fuster appeared with a mysterious companion, Flavia Laos made it clear that she would not be happy about a romance between Patricio Parodi and the influencer.

“He would pull her to the radio, he would pull her to the channel, it would be strange for something to be born out of nowhere, if you like someone like you’ve been looking at them for a long time. He denied it again, he told me that there was nothing to do, that there is no way, “said the actress.

The reality boy, ‘Pato’ Parodi celebrated his 25 years on October 18 with his friends in his apartment. The cameras of Amor y fuego captured the celebration and speculated that Patricio had invited Lucia Fuster to the event, although the identity of the young woman could not be verified in the images.

According to Peluchín’s program note, when the guests began to leave the house of ‘Pato’ Parodi, he would have taken the model out to dance. In the video, both were embracing, and the voice-over speculates that they kissed.

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