Luciana Fuster and the EEG reality guys she was linked with

The program Magaly Tv: The firm supported Luciana Fuster with Patricio Parodi kissing passionately. Although the reality boys have denied having a romantic relationship more than once. But with these images the closeness of Luciana and Patricio would be confirmed. But this would not be the first time that a relationship of the young influencer has become the center of attention.

The popular Luciana Fuster She is not only known for being a member of “This is war”, the model has been questioned because her partners end up being friends with her exes. Today in The popular We will remember with which reality guys the model has been linked.

Luciana And Austin Palao

The couple of Luciana Fuster and Austin Palao They showed themselves to be very affectionate in May 2017. In this way, the young people confirmed their love relationship. The couple was always seen accompanied by the urban singer Emilio Jaime, who was Austin’s best friend. But the romance ended in October 2018 and the model immediately started a new relationship.

Luciana and Emilio Jaime

Austin Palao accused Luciana Fuster of infidelity with his best friend, Emilio Jaime, the model shortly after confirming her relationship with Emilio Jaime. After meeting the affair, Fuster denied that he had been unfaithful and even accused Austin of having violent attitudes with her.

Luciana and Ignacio Baladán

Luciana Fuster began she was also linked with Ignacio Baladán. Although they never published photos together that demonstrate a romance, the reality girl later revealed the fleeting relationship they had.

“It was my decision because I want to be alone. We no longer have anything and I don’t think he can deny it. We just cut everything and we’re just friends ”, commented Luciana Fuster on a local radio.

Luciana and Patricio Parodi

After several rumors of an affair between Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi, the show Magaly medina has revalued an “ampay” where you can confirm the approach of the real boys.

Although months ago, Luciana Fuster denied a relationship with ‘Duck’ Parodi, the images issued by the ‘magpie’ evidenced the romantic moments that the new chollywood couple is going through.

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