Luciana Fuster and the time she had her worst roche on EEG in front of Patricio Parodi

The reality boys Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi are in Miami enjoying their vacations, but they would not be enjoying their trip 100% because they would have a bad streak since they had problems with their car and a pigeon defecated in them.

“I’m not understanding, that is, this always happens to me, I’m walking and suddenly I get pooped, they say it’s bad luck in money and love, I’ll take it as good luck in everything, I always fall , on the beach or here, I can be with 20 people and it always falls to me, “Luciana commented through her Instagram stories.

But this is not the only embarrassing moment that the reality girl lived in front of Patrick, during an interview with ‘More shows he told a rocky moment in his debut in This is War. What happened?

What was Luciana Fuster lived through?

Luciana Fuster During an interview he gave to the reporter of the program that now leads Jazmín Pinedo, he revealed that his worst roche was lived in front of Patrick Parodi when I was just competing in This is War.

“When I entered EEG there was a competition that was a techno because you had to chop it and go through the center … then, when the gap was more or less like that, they told me go get in,” said the influencer at the beginning. section #Mipeorroche.

Luciana He related that when the small hole was entering his shorts were lowered but worst of all is that the popular ‘Pato’ was at his side.

“I was Patrick next to me and I almost had a fit of embarrassment. I was more ashamed that Patrick is here and the people that the camera struck me out at the time. I never wanted to see the replay, but nothing was seen, nor do I know if my colleagues will remember, “the model finally commented.