Luciana Fuster looks like Patricio Parodi is her personal trainer: “It’s just mine” [VIDEO]

The reality girl Luciana Fuster surprised with an unexpected comment on social networks when she said that her boyfriend, the captain of the “warriors”, Patricio Parodi, is her personal trainer to keep her in shape.

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turns out Luciana Fuster and Patricio Parodi They were together in his car and she wanted to make it clear that the reality boy takes the role of “personal trainer” very seriously and stressed that he likes it because it is personalized.

Also, Luciana Fuster He took the opportunity to affirm that Patricio Parodi is only his personal trainer and no one else. “I have a personal, ‘personal’ trainer, normally the person you hire would be a personal trailer, but it’s personal because it’s just mine,” said the model.

Let’s remember that Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster They have been in a relationship for a few months since they decided to formalize their sentimental relationship. By then, he had already been separated from Flavia Laos for a few months.

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Luciana Fuster reveals that she no longer cries for critics

As not everything in life is roses, the model Luciana Fuster knows that well, who now rules out crying for the critics, who pointed her out more than once, either because of her career or because of her relationship with Patrick Parodywho was in love with Flavia LaosA friend of hers from many years ago.

“Imagine if I’m going to tell you how many times I’ve cried, because of criticism for things that have happened to me, then imagine, friend, I’ll fill a swimming pool for you,” she said at first, later adding: “I’ve become very strict with myself, I’ve become tougher, but I think you learn from everything, right? and one is creating an increasingly strong character and helps in life”.