Luciana Fuster: who will she compete against in the Miss Grand International 2023?

Luciana Fuster It was for several years one of the most popular names for Miss Peru. When her participation was finally announced, it caused surprise that she was not going for the crown of the ‘Golden Queen’, Alessia Rovegno, and, instead, she is a candidate for the Miss Grand Peru 2023. Quickly, it was speculated that Jessica Newton discarded her because of her low level of English. Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter echoed the rumor and Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid came out to support the reality girl, who in turn stated that she chose that beauty pageant on the recommendation of several missologists, but had the goal of reaching Miss Universe. “They told me to try the miss Grand first. They are the ones who know and I take their recommendations”he stated.

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Miss Grand Peru 2023: who will Luciana Fuster compete against?

Although Luciana Fuster has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and 3.7 on TikTok, it will not be easy for her to become the successor to Janet Leyva, Miss Grand Peru 2022. Another 11 candidates are vying for the crown and several of them have extensive experience in pageants of beauty.

pia requejo

Pía Requejo, is 27 years old, is a model, businesswoman, community manager and content creator with 97,800 followers on Instagram. She also has a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and management from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). Creator of the brands The S. Army and Althea. As additional information, her partner is the car driver, Rodrigo Pflucker.

Brenda Serpa

The youngest of the Serpa sisters, Brenda, was born on December 24, 1993. She is 30 years old. She participated in the Willax reality show “Esto es bacán”. She was third runner-up in the Miss Peru World 2018.

Nicolle Tassara

Originally from Sullana (Piura) Nicolle Tassara Timoteo, 23 years old, participated in Miss Sullana 2016, and obtained the band of Señorita Sonrisa. Later, she was elected miss Teen Peru 2018. She has a degree in Business Administration and co-founder of the footwear brand, oldwest. In 2021, she was linked to businessman Renzo Costa.

Mayra Messi

Mayra Messa Peralta is 27 years old. She is a professional model and was elected miss Peru Lima Norte 2020, she was in the Top 10 of miss Peru 2020. Without a presence on social networks, on Instagram she appears with just 1,701 followers.

michelle shock

Michelle Choque, 24, studied Marketing at the University of Lima. In September 2022, she caught her attention by denouncing on her Instagram that the Miss World Peru organization stripped her of the Miss World Lambayeque 2022 title without any explanation, in addition to taking away the truck that she won as part of the prize.

Alejandra Espino

Alejandra Espino, 19 years old, is the youngest candidate for Miss Grand Peru 2023. She represented Iquitos in the Miss Peru Loreto 2022. At 1.80 meters tall, she works as a haute couture model, parading for the designer Elizabeth Munoz. Currently, he is studying the 7th cycle of Law.

Sheyla Zuniga

Sheyla Carolina Zuñiga Olivera27, owns the crown of Miss Peru Junín 2022. However, her experience in beauty pageants goes back further, when she was chosen miss Congeniality 2016. On the other hand, in 2020, a subject attacked and injured her with a machete in Huancayo, when she was sightseeing with her brother.

Carla Ramos

Carla Ramos Flores is 24 years old and holds the crown of Miss Peru Ucayali 2023. She studies Business Administration at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) and has her brand of bikinis, jungle.

Fairús I prayed

Fairús Oré is another strong candidate in Miss Grand Peru 2023. At 23 years old, she is a communicator by profession. She was a finalist in miss Teen Model 2013 and Elite Model Look Peru. She works as a catwalk coach and was invited to be part of the jury, along with actress Andrea Luna, at the final gala of Miss Teen Model Peru 2022, a title she won Valeria Zeballos. As her model, she has participated in Lima Fashion Week since she was 15 years old, and has walked for designers Rafael Camacho, Félix Uzcategui and GioAmar, as well as the Andalusian brand Victorio & Lucchino.

Zuliet Seminary

At 20 years old, Zuliet Daleska Seminario Neyra is a two-time national champion in Pentathlon. Being an elite athlete, she was invited to participate in “EEG”, competition that he abandoned in November 2022 after losing in a circuit against Luciana Fuster. In her capacity as a beauty queen, she holds the crown of Miss Peru Arequipa Region 2022.

Anahy de la Colina Sosa

Anahy de la Colina Sosa is 22 years old and studies Human Medicine. she was crowned miss Peru Apurimac 2022 and she is practically a neophyte in social networks, adding just 6,186 on Instagram and TikTok.

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Miss Grand International 2023: which beauty queens participate?

The eleventh edition of the Miss Grand International 2023 will be held on October 25 at the Phú Thọ Indoor Stadium, in Vietnam. To date there are 11 countries that have defined which beauty queen to send to Miss Grand International 2022, these being:

  • Miss Ecuador: Véronique Michielsen Marcillo.
  • Miss Guatemala: Raschel Alexandra Paz.
  • Miss Honduras: Britthany Marroquín Gonzáles.
  • Miss Panama: Julia Marina Leong.
  • Miss Paraguay: Maelia Carmen Salcines.
  • Miss Puerto Rico: Cristina Ramos.
  • Miss Venezuela: Valentina del Pilar Martinez Landkoer.
  • Miss Spain: Celia Sevilla.
  • Miss Canada: Yuliya Shcherban.
  • Miss Gibraltar: Jaylynn Cruz.
  • Miss Myanmar: Neither nor Lin Eain.