Luigi Carbajal would agree to be part of “Jirón del humor”, but puts an unusual condition

Luigi Carbajal He is willing to return to television to do comedy shows. The actor and singer, remembered for being part of the cast of “Recargados de risa”, did not rule out joining the team of “Jirón del humor”, the new Latina program that marks the return of traveling comedians to the small screen. He was asked if he would join the skits and he replied that he would not have any problem; however, he imposed a condition related to his sentimental life. What is it about? We tell you.

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What does Luigui Carbajal ask for if he becomes part of “Jirón del humor”?

In statements to a local media, the artist stressed that he would agree to work on the Latina program as long as he does not share sequences with his ex-partner Dorita Orbegoso. As recalled, Carbajal has been married since January 2023.

“It seems good to me that they have released a program, that they are doing super well. There are good talents in comedy, so all the successes in the world in this new television adventure,” said the actor.

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Luigui Carbajal and Dorita Orbegoso had a love story when they both work on the América TV comedy show. Photo: archive

What did he say about Dorita Orbegoso?

Luigi He said that he would not want to cross paths with her on the show. “I prefer to avoid or go if the sequence has nothing to do with that person (Orbegoso). I have no anger or hatred for anyone. My heart does not keep those feelings,” she highlighted.

“It’s not only with her, but with different people that have happened in my life, both women and men with whom I have had difficult situations. I have nothing against that person (Dorita), but I prefer to avoid it,” added the interpreter.

Dorita Orbegoso joins the ranks of Latina for a new program. Photo: Composition LR/ GLR/ America.