Luigui Carbajal and his girlfriend, Diana García, are getting married TODAY after 5 years of sentimental relationship

The big day has arrived. As she announced months ago, Luigi Carbajal and his fiancée, Diana García, will marry civilly and religiously TODAY, Saturday May 20. The former member of Skándalo and the young woman will go to the married row after five years of solid sentimental relationship and they are very excited about the event. Despite the fact that the couple has always chosen to stay away from the public eye and reserve certain details of their romance for themselves, a debate arose among the musician’s followers when it became known that they were both several years old.

However, this fact was not an impediment for the duo’s love affair to prosper. According to statements by the cumbiambero to a national circulation medium, the place selected for their wedding ceremony is a country club in Pachacámac, a destination that will house the most intimate circle of Luigui and Diana.

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What did Luigui Carbajal do before marrying Diana García?

In order to carry out his wedding, Luigui Carbajal said that he had to receive the sacrament of confirmation and confess his sins. “A few days ago I was confirmed and I am ready to take that important step in my life, which is marriage. It was a very beautiful ceremony, my parents, my girlfriend and some relatives accompanied me,” he told Trome in March of this year. .

The moment when Luigui Carbajal asked Diana García for her hand. Photo: Luigui Carbajal/Instagram

How many years apart are Luigui Carbajal and Diana García?

A fact that drew the attention of locals and strangers about the romance of Luigui Carbajal and Diana García was their obvious age difference. Although the former member of Skándalo assured that this detail was not decisive in his courtship because he considered his partner a mature person, there were those who were curious to know how many years each one has.

While the young woman is 27 years old, Luigui Carbajal is 41, so there is an age range of 14 in both. “But it’s not my collagen, I’m still a kid,” the singer clarified about it.

Luigui Carbajal and Diana García are getting married on May 20. Photo: composition LR/Luigui Carbajal/Instagram