Luigui Carbajal marries his girlfriend, who is 14 years older than him: “Her mom was my fan”

Marries! Luigi Carbajal announced that he will marry his fiancée Diana García, who is 14 years his junior. Likewise, the singer explained that his wedding will be civil and religious. Despite the age difference, the cumbiambero pointed out that he considers his girlfriend to be a focused woman. As is known, the former member of Skándalo is 41 years old while his partner is 27.

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When will Luigui Carbajal get married?

In an interview with a local media, he shared details of his commitment and assured that he stopped being the immature young man he was a few years ago.

“In May I will get married civilly and religiously, but I cannot say that I will hang up my chimpunes because I left the childishness a long time ago. Now my phone is unlocked and I am happy with my girlfriend. She is the right person to take this important step, which is only done once in a lifetime. She is 27 years old, but she is very mature. I’m 41, I’m 14 years older, but it’s not my collagen, because I’m still a kid, ”she told Trome.

Luigi Carbajal. Photo: File

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Luigui Carbajal reveals that his girlfriend’s mother was his fan

On the other hand, he said that his future mother-in-law was his fan when he was part of the cumbia group Skándalo, which reached its peak in the 2000s.

“No, more like his mom was. But my girlfriend told me that she saw me as a chibolita on television, at the time of ‘Recargados de risa’ and he liked the sequence he did with Mariella Zanetti, that’s why he tells me that I should return to that sketch”, he mentioned.

Luigui Carbajal explains why he doesn’t post photos with his girlfriend on social media

In an interview with Trome, Luigui Carbajal told why we don’t see many posts with his fiancée on social networks.

“If I don’t talk about her much, it’s to take care of our relationship, but we’ve already been together for four years,” he said.

Why did Dorita Orbegoso end her relationship with Luigui Carbajal?

In March 2015, Dorita Orbegoso announced the end of his romance with Luigi Carbajal. Although it was speculated that the reason for the separation was that the former singer of the Skándalo group was unfaithful to her with a stylist from her beauty salon, the real reason would have been another.

“I didn’t break up with him because of infidelity. I didn’t break up with him because they involved me with someone else. I ended up with him because I got bored. I got tired of thinking about the future while your partner did not (…). The program ended a year and a half ago. What has he done in all that time? I worked”, commented Dorita Orbegoso.

Who is Luigui Carbajal’s girlfriend, Diana García?

Luigui Carbajal’s fiancee is Diana Elena García, who is a doctor. They have more than five years of romance and, in May, they will seal their love at the altar.

Also, from what can be seen on his social networks, he is a person who likes to travel and spend time with his friends and family. He recently uploaded some photos in Arequipa and in Mexico.

Luigui Carbajal spares no expense for his wedding

The singer Luigi Carbajal he considers that the young Diana Elena García is the one and with whom he wants to “settle down”. For this reason, she decided to propose to him in an intimate evening where only her family attended. The musician revealed that another of his goals is to buy a house to live together.

Luigui Carbajal spares no expense for his wedding

Luigui Carbajal and his girlfriend, Diana Garcia. Photo: Instagram

Regarding the expense he made to buy the engagement rings, he assured that they were not cheap, but that it was worth it. “The issue of settling down was since we started dating, at the end of the year I turn 40 and it was time to take this big step. I want to stay, as I told her, until the end with her”.

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Carbajal stressed that we all have the right to demonstrate when a decision affects us as a society, “but the country cannot be stopped” for that reason, because there are people like him who need to bring their livelihood to their home.

“The political crisis we are experiencing affects everyone. It is sad that several airports are closed and many people stop working”, declared the ex-partner of Dorita Orbegoso to Trome.

Luigi Carbajal/Instagram

The singer, together with Thamara Gómez, were involved in an arrest for not respecting measures against COVID-19. Photo: Luigi Carbajal/Instagram