Luigui Carbajal to those who want to compare their wedding with Brunella Horna’s: “It seems disrespectful to me”

The well-known Luigui Carbajal is already preparing all the preparations to be able to marry the love of his life, diana garcia. However, he also responded to a local media about whether he is concerned that people end up comparing her wedding with that of Ethel Pozo and Brunella Horna, considered one of the most luxurious in 2020 and 2023.

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Luigi Carbajal He pointed out that he is running with all the preparations for his marriage that would take place in May and in the city of Lima. In addition, he assured that she has been working very hard for the ceremony, since he does not want anything to be exchanged, but rather at his own expense.

“The marriage plans are already on track, there is no turning back, so just gentleman. The wedding will be in Lima, some guests from the provinces and from abroad will come. We are running with all the preparations because it will be the most special day of our lives and we want everything to turn out nice,” he told Trome.

The artist pointed out that his wedding will be both civil and religious, but for this he must first complete some steps to be able to get married in front of the church, such as having his confirmation. In addition, he was very sure that it will be the wedding of his dreams.

“We got married civilly and religiously in the month of May, so there are only four months left. My girlfriend lives in Nazca, but she will arrive in Lima the first week of February to make our confirmation, since it is one of the essential requirements for to be able to get married. We are taking care of seeing every detail of our marriage, decoration and everything. We are sure that it will be the wedding of our dreams,” he said Luigi Carbajal.

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Luigui Carbajal does not want to compare his wedding

Luigi Carbajal He also ruled on the possibility of comparing his wedding with that of Brunella Horna Y Ethel Wellsomething that he described as a total lack of respect, since he assures that beyond the luxuries, what he wants is to be able to say “Yes, I accept” to the love of his life diana garcia.

“It wouldn’t bother me, normal, if someone who has the right to do so thinks at home, but it would seem disrespectful to me. I’m trying to make it as beautiful and simple as possible. Beyond the fact that it’s a luxurious party, I want the guests to be in the ceremony, I don’t care that they go to the party, but that they are present when the father gives us the blessing. I have been honest with all the guests because that’s how it has to be,” he told the same medium.