Luis del Valle and his passion for the “Acting Coach”

The work of the actors is one of the essential elements in a movie. This is well known to the dramatic artist Luis del Valle, who, among other things, has the job of “Acting Coach”, or acting coach.

This tool, as he has declared to this newspaper, is a very important tool so that the work of the interpreters of a certain film production is as uniform as possible.

“It is to help the actor to give the maximum or the best in that character or a certain scene. He is a coach, a guide, a collaborator, of that actor ”, explains Del Valle, whose work in this branch of filmmaking was in“ Carta Blanca ”, Pedro Urrutia’s second feature film (“ Código Paz ”, 2014).

The film, which tells the story of Manuel Mena, played by Pepe Sierra, a Dominican policeman who lives in the world of corruption of that institution, had a varied cast, in which professional actors participated, both local and foreign, but also figures from other worlds of entertainment, such as interpreters of urban music.

This last case was that of the Puerto Rican Tempo and the Dominican El Alfa. He remembers about the first that he gave himself a lot and that he was always focused on doing a good job.

With the second, who had a role with less exposure on screen, he had less interaction time due to his commitments in presentations, but also, being closer to the profile of the characters, he only explained to them what was the “understanding of the scene, of the universe of history, review dialogues ”.

This, especially because Del Valle, assures that he did not have the opportunity to live in a neighborhood, like the ones presented in the film, or to see the actions of the criminal universe that is manifested in those social spaces.

But the biggest challenge that Luis del Valle had was facing two Mexican actors who played Dominican roles. This is the case of Damian Alcázar and Julio Bracho, two interpreters who happened to be the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

The first in the series “Rubirosa” (Hugo Rodríguez and Carlos Moreno, 2018), and the second in “El Chivo” (Humberto “Kico” Olivieri, 2014). Del Valle happened to be Alcázar’s coach in the aforementioned “Rubirosa”, filmed in the Dominican Republic, and he had to make the interpreter’s Mexican accent stand out as little as possible.

In this second meeting he feels more satisfied, since they had time to work, something that did not happen with Bracho, who had commitments in Spain, where at that time he was filming the series “Fugitiva”, together with the actress Paz Vega. “We did not achieve the Dominican accent as such, the only thing we could do was to neutralize it as much as possible,” says Del Valle.

When referring to the progress that the performance line has had in local cinema, his comment is positive and optimistic, and that progress has been made since making films and other audiovisuals have profusion thanks to the application of the Cinema Law.

Of course, he understands that it is necessary for the actors to have more training in other aspects of film production, to know the script, the structure of the editing, the nature of a filming set, more profession in front of the camera. more training in direction of actors or that you can have an acting coach. More training, understanding the moment by moment of the characters ”, he concludes.