Luis Perico Ortiz launches album with the participation of Milly Quezada, Tony Vega, Johnny Rivera and Gerardo Rivas

After eight years without recording, the musician, composer, arranger, director and producer Luis Perico Ortiz has released an album that constitutes a musical jewel and one is that “Sigo entre Amigos”; a sequel to the recording that he released in 1983 and in which Rubén Blades, Rafael Ithier (El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico), Conjunto Quisqueya and Roberto Lugo participated.

“Sigo entre Amigos” is made up of new songs, eight by Luis Perico Ortiz and a medley containing the classic boleros “Tres Palabras” by Osvaldo Farré and “Soñando con Puerto Rico” by Bobby Capó. This instrumental medley is distinguished by a sublime trumpet duel between Iturvides Vilchez and Luis Perico Ortiz that elevates these compositions.

The queen of meringue, Milly Quezada interhe performs the salsa “Solo tuya Seré” proving, once again, that his powerful voice can comfortably walk through different musical genres and shine brilliantly. This song is the continuation of the first salsa song that Luis Perico Ortiz produced for him four decades ago, which was titled: “I Can’t Have You”.

For his part, Tony Vega shows his seniority in “Stop”; a song that invites reflection and the good use of free will. “Tres Grandes Amigos” in the voice of Henry Santiago pays tribute to three giants of music: Tito Rodríguez, Tito Puente and Machito for whom Luis Perico Ortiz worked in the 60s and 70s.

Johnny Rivera performs “De me para Ti” which pays tribute to the New York clubs in which Luis Perico played so much. “Warming Up” celebrates the golden age of the Palladium in New York and Mambo Jazz. It has great instrumentalists: the trumpeter Charlie Sepúlveda, the flutist Néstor Torres and the saxophonist Antonio Luis Orta, first saxophonist of the Presidential Army Jazz Band.

The participation of Gerardo Rivas represents the passing of the baton to the new generations. The singer recorded “How to tell you no, yes yes” which is about the struggle to obtain the love of a woman without knowing that she was always ready for him.

They complete the album “Señores que se Sepa” interpreted by Luis Perico Ortiz, where he is grateful for the support of a loyal audience and how proud he feels of his people. And “Sigo Entre Amigos”, an ode to friendship performed by all that shows love and respect through so many years.

All the arrangements were made by Luis Perico Ortiz. The recording featured a battalion of virtuous musicians that we list here: Jesús Rafael Torres (Trombone), Eliut Cintrón (Trombone), Randy Román (Trombone), Miguel Rivera (Trombone), Danny Fuentes (Trombone), Ana Zivkovic (Strings-Violins in Solo tuya Seré), Carlos García (Piano chorus in Solo tuya Seré), Jorge Rivera (Bass), Jerry Rivas (Tres en de me Para Ti), Jorge David Marcano (Drums and Timbales), Richard Carrasco (Bongo and Bell) , Gadwin Vargas (Congas and Quinto, Willito López (Congas in “Señores, Que se Sepa” and “How to tell you that no, si Sí), Henry Santiago (Chorus) and Yanille Marrero (Chorus in solo Tuya Seré)

The video can now be enjoyed on YouTube here