Luisito Comunica shines on the cover of Playboy Africa: “I never imagined being here”

Luisito Communicates He crossed borders by posing for a photo that was the cover of the famous Playboy magazine. The Mexican youtuber, who has millions of followers on the different platforms he manages, surprised his fans by sharing the main image of the aforementioned printed portal for adults.

On Instagram, the influencer was impressed by appearing in a space where he could never have imagined it.

“How unexpected, but how cool. Since I was a child consuming it and I never imagined being here. Very few men have been on the covers of Playboy; Among those who stand out are Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Bad Bunny and now Luisillo, ”the young man wrote.

“Above, it is the first cover in which someone leaves smoking weed. And even crazier, it’s Playboy Africa. All very crazy, “added the youtuber.

The photo was taken by Nailah Barcelona with the direction of Mico Marz, and the assistance of San Muse and April Diaz. The makeup was the responsibility of Mohammad Al Jadid, while his stylist was Zayra Rayo, and the wardrobe manager Emily Álvarez.

The reactions of his friends did not wait. Juca, Berth, Alex Tienda, Poncho de Nigris, Sebastián Rulli, Ixpanea, Uzielito Mix, Mario Bautista and Juanpa Zurita were some of the influencers who commented on the publication where it is shown next to a model.

Luisito Communicates He visited African lands in 2021, where he was able to make his work known. In some of his videos that he uploaded to YouTube, he is seen walking through Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan.

“Don’t ask me how that happened, and I don’t know. I met some people who liked the work I did in Africa since last year, I documented several relevant things, they were interested in the point of view of someone known from another continent on cultural issues in Africa, “he said in his Instagram stories about the work you did.