Luisito Comunica suffered a car accident: “We could have died”

It could be worst. The recognized influencers Mexican Luisito Comunica suffered a car accident in Türkiye, country where you are currently located. He recounted the terrible and traumatic experience that happened through his Instagram account.

Luisito Communicates He used his social network, where he is followed by more than 33 million followers, to narrate the accident where, in his own words: “he could have died.” According to him, he revealed the magnitude of the accident was considerable, for which he even showed how the car was left where he was.

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Luisito communicates he had an accident

Through his Instagram account, Luisito Communicates expressed how terrible the car accident was. As he revealed, the parking brake would have emptied, causing the impact. “No mom **, we just had a strong experience, a shock. It was hard, we were there in this truck on a hill there, several of them and the parking brake gave out and it began to go backwards. In that all of ‘Why is it moving?’. We went down a lot and luckily we ran into this guy and he, in turn, ran into him ”, he begins narrating.

After that, Luisito Communicates He added: “We are alive, it was rude. In these moments you feel grateful. It’s good that we didn’t run over anyone, look how many people walk here, we could have run over someone. That would have been sad, a dog or a cat, luckily we just collided with a car and a wall, it could have been serious.

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How much is the fortune of Luisito communicates?

The fortune that the content creator would have, Luisito Communicates It would not be negligible, since the Mexican is about to reach 40 million subscribers on his channel. But, that is not the only data that must be taken into account, but also the amount that Youtube pays for every 1,000 reproductions in Mexico.

That is why, taking these details into account, and according to the portal specialized in the assets of influencers and celebrities Net Worth Spot’srevealed that Luisito Communicates He earns $3.27 million per year, since he would get 54 million views per month on his channel, which makes it $218,320 per month.