Lunay shares her musical journey in a YouTube documentary

YouTube Music has partnered with newest Artist on the Rise, Lunay, to debut a new mini-documentary that gives fans a glimpse into the Puerto Rican star’s musical journey.

Lunay talks about her love for her hometown, the importance of acting, and how to turn her dream into reality in the short film, which is now available on her official YouTube channel.

The video follows Lunay in her childhood neighborhood of Corozal, Puerto Rico, where she shares that her passion for music comes from her parents. Expressing how his family’s love and faith helped him move forward, the rising artist reflects on his desire to create music that represents his community.

From meeting reggaeton icon Daddy Yankee at a young age to eventually collaborating on a hit single, Lunay’s career comes full circle when she talks about the importance of seizing every opportunity and constantly learning.

“One thing I never forget is that my dad taught me to bring passion to everything I do. I’m going to look for my muse while I drive and have fun, ”Lunay says in the short film as he compares his love of motorcycles to music. “In the studio, it’s the same process. It’s like freestyle, and also in music we call it freestyle. It is doing what you want and what you feel. “

Nicknamed a musical “wunderkind” by Rolling Stone, Lunay, also known as “El Niño,” has quickly established himself as Puerto Rico’s next big star. With more than 4.8 million subscribers to his Official Artist Channel, Lunay’s video “La Cama (Remix)” featuring Myke Towers, Ozuna, Chencho Corleone and Rauw Alejandro has received more than 120 million views since its launch last year. . After releasing a remix of her hit single “Soltera,” featuring icons Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny, which has also garnered high praise, Lunay has emerged as the center of attention.

Experimenting with various Latin sounds, Lunay’s catchy music and growing popularity have led to widespread recognition, including Latin AMA’s “New Artist of the Year” in 2019 and 4 wins from the prestigious Premios Juventud. His new album “EL NIÑO” explores a new creative direction for the young talent and marks the first album release from Chris Jedi and Gaby Music’s new independent label, La Familia Records, which includes collaborations with Chencho Corleone, Anitta, Bryant Meyers, Zion, Chanell, and Juliito.