Lusverlyn brooches, crafts close to the heart

Before beginning the process of making brooches, the owner of SulBrooch evaluated the importance of taking them. And, to put into context the reason behind the creation of this accessory, he brought up Madeleine Albright, the first woman in the history of the United States to lead diplomacy during the term of Bill Clinton, in 1997.

The official used a brooch in each of her speeches, because for her this accessory was an effective silent communication tool. think in the same way lusverlyn arias.

Since she was a child she made bracelets and necklaces to sell, but it was many years later, in 2019, seeking to reconnect with her creative side, that she felt the need to recreate.

“I am a lover of handmade work. At that time, I took a course in making embroidered brooches and fell in love with the technique. By November of the same year, SulBrooch was born”, says Lusverlyn.

Why brooches? These accessories tell stories. In addition, making works of art with their hands is moving away from industrialization, from fast and unsustainable fashion.

“For me, making brooches is disconnecting from the screens to entertain myself with felts, beads, crystals and threads, and enter my creative world. It is just like the word says: ‘art heals’”, she explains.

Her first attempt at a brooch was a pineapple, but it had many imperfections. Still, he kept practicing and trying new materials. In this way, he was improving every day. “If I had been left with that feeling of failure, disappointment and sadness, to be honest, I wouldn’t have SulBrooch.”

Likewise, she says that the first pin she made with the face of a historical figure was that of Frida Kahlo, her history and feminist ideologies, in addition to her colors, served as her motivation.

Nature is his source of inspiration, trying to highlight the colors of the Caribbean. Its manufacturing process begins with the design and pattern of the fruit, flower, object or character that the client wishes. Then follows the selection of materials to embroider the beads, crystals and stones. Then, the embroidered piece is assembled with the back to make the entire edge of the brooch. Depending on the piece, the result can take between two and four hours.

Her favorite pins to make are flowers and butterflies. Both give you the ability to play with colors and reinvent new hues from nature to create your own versions.

In 2021, Lusverlyn decided to diversify the brand. So, together with an artisan from his community, arose Aredam: mahogany flower and butterfly brooches, hand painted.

The artisan lists three reasons why you should wear a brooch

– It is a piece that represents your essence and communicates a message.

– Turn a basic garment into one with personality.

– It’s versatile. You can use it on shirts, jackets, dresses, cloth bags, and hats.