Luz de Luna: the 8 most shocking moments of the Peruvian soap opera that reaches the grand finale

The soap opera Moonlight It comes to an end this Wednesday, January 12 at 9.30 pm on the América Televisión screen. After its successful first season, André Silva Vanessa Silva and Naima Luna say goodbye to their starring roles in the television series that has conquered the hearts of thousands of Peruvians with their tender love story.

The followers of Michelle Alexander’s production were not only carried away by the moments of happiness or songs sung by León, but also by the plot of the soap opera that included suspenseful and sad moments that moved more than one viewer. Therefore, in this note we tell you which were the most shocking episodes of the telenovela that is preparing for a second season in 2022.

Luna Mujica lost her life at the hands of her husband, Eus, who, very euphoric, forbade her to continue seeing León, since the young woman had confessed that she had always loved the singer. After learning that Luz was not his daughter, Eus made the decision to push Luna while the truck they were traveling in was moving.

After finishing one of his musical presentations, León meets one of his friends, who tells him about Luna’s death, and quickly goes to visit the grave of his beloved. However, León did not count on the fact that he would meet Luna’s daughter, who in later episodes would discover that he is her real father.

While little Luz was on her way with her grandfather to visit León, a vehicle blocked their way. Hooded men got out and intimidated Cyrus. Finally, the girl was taken away amid great despair on the part of Luna Mujica’s father, because he could not prevent his granddaughter from being kidnapped.

The ‘León de la Cumbia’ was sentenced to five years in prison after confirming that he never presented the ‘original’ evidence proving that he was Luz’s true father. In addition, the judge, in his sentence, revealed that the singer had violated one of the clauses, which consisted of not approaching the girl.

What many fans expected. Finally, Luz was able to meet her real dad. The girl was shocked when she heard the story told by her grandfather, who assured that León is her real father, but did not believe his version. After a tense discussion between Eusebio and Ciro, Luz learned the whole truth and burst into tears.

One of Eus’s cruel requests to Chubi was to end the life of Marvin, who was Mabel’s husband. After being cowardly attacked by some inmates, Marvin, in the last minutes of his life, asked León to take care of his son from the De Souzas.

The protagonist of the soap opera was surprised to meet a woman identical to his beloved Luna Mujica, who was named Alma Hermoza. León did not come out of his bewilderment when he found him very similar to Luz’s mother and regained his hope in love after telling her why he was in prison.

They couldn’t contain their excitement. León went to the last consequences so that he can be declared the true father of Luz in court. Before the final verdict of the judge, who confirmed that they are father and daughter, León and his little girl hugged each other tightly, and she called him dad for the first time.