Macs Cayo: Who is Fiorella Giampietri and how she fell in love with her husband

Macs Cayo married his partner Fiorella Giampietri. This last Friday, December 10, the couple said Yes in a romantic ceremony in a church in Lima. Last year, the former member of This is War, revealed very excited on his social networks that he got engaged to his girlfriend. After a year of preparations, the young couple decided to arrive at the altar, more in love than ever.

YOU CAN SEE: Macs Cayo excitedly reveals that he got engaged to his girlfriend: “And she said yes”

The reception of the religious marriage was held at the Marina Club. On the other hand, it drew the attention of many users that the singer and actress Stephanie Cayo shone alone at the ceremony after announcing her romantic relationship with Maxi Iglesias. After this new marriage in the Lima show business, today in The popular we will tell you more about the influencer Fiorella giampietri.

Who is Fiorella Giampietri

The now wife of Macs Cayo has a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Lima. She is considered very creative, with leadership skills, good interpersonal relationships, motivated by challenge, highly reliable and proactive.
He has also mentioned in his social networks that he has a great interest in the audiovisual areas, advertising, marketing and event production. Being so Fiorella giampietri She is also a recognized influencer.

Macs Cayo and Fiorella Giampietri

Fiorella giampietri visited the set of the now defunct competition show Combate, in 2016, where he revealed details about his relationship with Cayo Macs. The influencer did not hesitate to mention what it was that had fallen in love with the ex-boy. According Fiorella She commented that she felt that her now husband was unique, that he was not bored by her side.

Break in the relationship between Macs Cayo and Fiorella Giampietri

In 2014 Cayo Macs revealed on the set of the now-defunct competition show Combate, that if then she was just in love Fiorella giampietri I had finished with him, since according to Stephanie Cayo’s brother he mentioned that he did not know what to do with the situation he was going through with the now influencer. But apparently this was just a small break between the couple since this last weekend the couple ended up at the altar.