Madonna reveals she made the team working on her Madame X album work for free

The singer Madonna received a shower of criticism on her Instagram account for a publication she made on November 21, where, among other things, she mentions the team that worked with her on her album Madame X (2019), a record production in which also participated the Colombian singer Maluma with the song “Medellín”.

The queen of pop sought to promote the photoshoot she did with photographer Steven Klein for V Magazine. However, in the message attached to the images, he revealed a situation that has been classified as labor exploitation.

The interpreter of “Like a Prayer” and “Champagne Rosé” pointed out on Instagram that she had almost no money to produce Madame X.

“With an almost zero budget, we were still able to make art! Art is not dead if you have the strength to fight for what you believe in! ”He said.

“Thanks to everyone who supported us and slept on sofas and worked long hours and for free all to support Madame X that he is not only here to disturb the peace, but to keep art alive, “he added.

At 63, Madonna has an estimated fortune of $ 570 million, according to a publication in Forbes magazine, made in August 2021.

With this background, there were many criticisms that rained down on Lourdes León’s mother. One of them from the American producer Gaston Trezeguet, who commented: “Work for free? Why didn’t you pay them yourself? Are you short on cash or something? “