Mafer Neyra: Who is Ernesto Cabieses and how did he start his love story?

Mafer Neyra and Hugo García after ending their long relationship have decided to give themselves one more chance in love by finding other people to form a new romance. For her part, the influencer began a relationship with Ernesto Cabieses, but faced with this new love story, many of her followers began to wonder what is known about the young man, therefore The popular It will tell you all about it.

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Who is Ernesto Cabieses?

Ernesto Cabieses He is a young man who studied Communication Sciences at the University of Lima and according to his information on Linkedln he has a focus on digital marketing and advertising. In addition, he claims to have knowledge of design programs, Microsoft Office, social media management, marketing tools and the advertising creative process.

All these skills made him work in the insurance broker company, Cabieses & Asociados Agentes de Seguros, occupying the position of Account and Sales Executive, he had previously worked as an insurance consultant in the same place.

As a work experience, it is seen that he worked as a claims executive in Prevention and control, adjusters and insurance experts SAC In addition, he was an accounting assistant at MIQ Logistics and finally in the sales area at Quiksilver.

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The young Peruvian not only has an established professional career, he is also fluent in 2 languages ​​in addition to Spanish (French and English). On the other hand, he is a young athlete and according to his Instagram account you can see that he surfs and plays golf very well.

How did Ernesto and Mafer Neyra meet?

It is not very clear how they met Ernesto Cabieses and Mafer Neyra, but it is suspected that both had their first meeting time before ending their relationship with the reality boy Hugo Garcia, so many began to speculate that he was unfaithful to his ex-partner although no one has spoken about it.