Magaly advises Marisol LIVE that she cannot be “answering every tick that can stick to you” [VIDEO]

Life Coach! Marisol appeared on Magaly Medina’s program after being invited and before beginning her talk, she made a presentation to the note they had prepared after the singer was in the eye of the storm after some exchanges of words she had with one of her colleagues.

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Magaly Medina maintained that Julián Alexander would have married Ethel, but not for love

The host Magaly Medina spoke again about the wedding between Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander. And it is that, this time the driver speculated that the great ceremony that was announced would not have been as such since there is a difference in income between the couple, since she has more income than him.

“She had to adapt to his pocket and that bodita turned out for them. Hopefully in her life as a whole she won’t have to fit into his pocket. Well, she earns a lot more than him. She is the owner of the production company with her mother, she produces the three programs they have, ”she added.

“I worry, it seems that the boy does not measure up (…) there are some who expect money to fall from the sky,” commented the magpie, assuring that love would not be what would have brought the man to get married Did you call him ‘interested’?” she sentenced.