Magaly ADVISES Natalie Vértiz what to say to Yaco Eskenazi: “I don’t doubt you, I doubt others” [VIDEO]

After Yaco Eskenazi replied that he will continue to go to the pichangas and that he does not have to ask Natalie Vértiz for permission, the journalist Magaly Medina advised what to say to her husband if it really bothers him that he is going to soccer games.

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“What you have to say is: I do not doubt you, I doubt the others and there you do have arguments to doubt the others, because the others have not been saints, they have behaved very rascally, they have failed in their commitment matrimonial, they have taken their feet off the plate”, sentenced Magaly Medina in his program “Magaly TV La Firme”.

next, Magaly Medina remembered what they did Aldo Miyashiro and Oscar del Portal. “What they did is very serious, they failed to make a commitment to their family, to their wife. I think that this is a matter of personal ethics.”

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Magaly questions Yaco Eskenazi

On the other hand, the journalist Magaly Medina questioned the driver and husband of Natalie Vertiz, Yaco Eskenazi for continuing to hang out with Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal, after their behavior was not as expected.

“If you don’t have the same values ​​as those people, what are you doing fighting with them? You look for people with the same moral equivalence. I think that’s where you have to understand Yaco,” he said. Magaly Medina.