Magaly affirms that Mark Vitto had a hair implant: “He had to do something”

True to her style, Magaly Medina began her program on Friday, April 14, talking about the changes that have achieved so much Keiko Fujimori as Mark Vito after announcing their separation. It was the transformation of Mark the one that gave more than talk.

And it is that Mark Vito Villanella’sand has shown this week in TikTok with an improvement in his physical appearance, bringing out arms and a body worked out in the gym. which has left more than one speechless. However, Magaly Medina does not forgive and highlighted an adjustment that the ex-husband of politics would have made.

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Magaly recalled that Mark Vito, prior to their separation, showed a sparse hair and even had certain parts that indicated a lack of hair, however, on social networks it is shown again with a more youthful hairstyle and cut. “But what has been done in any case is the hair implant, something had to be done because he had huge gaps (…) He is in the middle of the retreading stage”

As he points out Magaly Medina the change that has even been made to the hair is observed to appear much younger than it is and thus attract a large number of comments that praise the change made.

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Magaly Medina believes that Mark would be ready for OnlyFans

At another time of the night, Magaly Medina comments in amazement at the large amount of muscle mass he has obtained Mark Vitoalthough he jokes that he may have trained with Jossmery Toledo either Sebastian Lizarburureferring to the use of anabolics, made a spicy comment.

At the beginning of the program when he talked about his physical change, he asserted that Mark I would be ready for onlyfans, where adult content is known to be sold. Could it be that the ex fujimori Will you jump on this platform?