Magaly and hilarious response to a user who claims to spill poison: “I’m like the scorpion. I enjoy it” [VIDEO]

He does not miss a single one. The television host Magaly Medina surprised her thousands of followers with an unusual response to a user who asked her what it felt like to throw poison.

“What does it feel like to distill so much poison?” Was the controversial question that the netizen did not hesitate to ask the television presenter and that she did not think twice before answering true to her style.

It was via his official account Instagram that the figure of Magaly TV: La Fime decided to give answers to all the questions that her fans ask about her, and this was the hilarious answer she gave to the user, whom she even advised to also ‘distill poison’ from time to time.

“Well it feels delicious, because I am like the scorpion, I only respond to my nature, I was born with that, what can I tell you, what can I tell you, I enjoy it very much, try it from time to time,” he sentenced in a sarcastic tone Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina reveals why she no longer shares time with Jessica Newton

Magaly Medina clarified that she is not estranged from Jessica Newton and that if they do not see each other it is because they both have independent lives.

“But of course we are still friends. What happens is that we have independent lives, we are not Siamese. I also have other friends besides her who are not as public as Jessica, and I have to give them their time. In addition, I am spending vacations with my husband ”, maintained.