Magaly announced ampay for Alianza Lima soccer player being unfaithful, but never issued it

He has them in his sights! Magaly Medina announced a new bomb in the recent edition of his program. According to him, he commented in the middle of his show business sequences, a soccer player from Alianza Lima has been unfaithful to his partner, with whom he has been 10 years old and has formed a family. Users were waiting to find out who the athlete captured by the ‘Urraca’ cameras was and in networks they launched names such as Paul Lavandeira; However, the TV program did not broadcast it and many wondered what happened to said disclosure.

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It is expected that this Thursday the 20th will broadcast the images, a date that coincides with the intimate club’s match against Libertad de Paraguay for the 2023 Copa Libertadores. of ATVs.

A soccer player from Alianza Lima will be exposed as being unfaithful. Photo: League 1

What did Magaly Medina say about the mysterious soccer player?

Magaly hinted at this player’s encounter with a woman who is not his partner. True to his humor, he compared him to Roberto Palacios, who was also supported in compromising situations with a female.

A player from Alianza Lima who has had a partner for 10 years, does the ‘Chorri’ one, He sees a girl, kisses her and then returns to play the loving father with his family,” said ‘Urraca’. “She is the mother of her daughter, they live together and have a car that is in her name, and in that car the shameless man goes to see the girl,” she added.

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Uncomfortable users because they did not issue ampay on Wednesday

Although the presenter said that “we have two very nice things tonight (one of them referring to the ampay)”, she did not present her uncovering on Wednesday, April 19. Users on social networks showed their discomfort for having waited until the end of the space and not seeing the exclusive images.

“Misleading advertising”, “Is there going to be something or not?”, “They deceived some innocent people” and “Tomorrow, it will say” were some of the comments. At the moment, the host has not spoken, but it is expected that she will be able to issue it this Thursday.