Magaly exposes Paolo Hurtado for writing to his wife Rosa Fuentes after announcing that he will show his chats

The host Magaly Medina announced the first minutes of her program that would show a series of conversations between Rosa Fuentes and her husband Paolo Hurtado after receiving her authorization before the athlete’s new ampay with Jossmery Toledo.

In front of cameras, the popular “magpie” maintained that he would expose the chats they had with luxuries and details, since he announced that the former athlete of the Peruvian Soccer Team tried to solve his conflict with Fuentes by asking him for an opportunity.

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However, from one moment to the next, the “queen of the ampays” had to comply with her sponsors and, in the course of minutes, she realized that Rosa wrote to give her the understanding that the soccer player wrote to her for what He was going to show Medina as he announced at the beginning of his show business space.

Faced with such outrage, Magaly Medina had harsh words against the player, because she considered what he did to be an act of cowardice. “Cruel, pataneco”, were the qualifiers of the television host.

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