Magaly is seen without makeup and reveals her beauty secret: “Your skin is the reflection of what you eat” [VIDEO]

Food is the key. The show host Magaly Medina was seen with her face washed and completely natural and revealed her best kept secret to appear to be a “young woman of 20 years” thanks to the care of her skin.

“It is a matter of organizing and I love things in my house, I like to do some things, of course I have collaborators, but it is a matter of organizing,” was another of the questions answered by the journalist in their social networks after consulting him how it is organized.

It was via his official account Instagram that the host of Magaly TV: La Firme did not hesitate to tell and reveal to her fans her secret to having a very well cared for skin.

“What natural thing do you take to take care of your skin,” asked the netizen, before Magaly medina He replied: “Your skin is the reflection of what you eat, I eat very healthy, especially most days of the week, I drink a lot of water, like many vegetables and salads, try to do it.”

Magaly and hilarious response to a user who claims to spill poison: “I’m like the scorpion. I enjoy it”

The television host Magaly Medina invites the user to ‘throw poison’ after she questioned her for “distilling so much poison” in her show program.

“Well it feels delicious, because I am like the scorpion, I only respond to my nature, I was born with that, what can I tell you, what can I tell you, I enjoy it a lot, try it from time to time,” he sentenced in a sarcastic tone.