Magaly Medina advises Angie Jibaja if she wants to change her life: “First you have to want to heal yourself”

This March 6, the program Magaly TV La Firme released an exclusive report on Angie Jibaja, who despite trying to get ahead, couldn’t help but relapse into drugs four months ago. Although he made a mea culpa, apparently that would not be enough for him to get his children and his life back. Given this, the driver Magaly Medina commented on it and highlighted the problem that the former model has.

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“She has allowed them to be taken away with her behavior and her responsibility. An addiction is like that, it can take you into a deep abyss. Towards the lowest depths,” the ATV driver initially commented.

Meanwhile, Magaly did not hesitate to give her support and emphasize that she has her children as a reason to get ahead. “But we know that if you have a driving force like those children who want to recover, you would really have to find strength. It is only up to her to leave drugs, let herself be helped. She has told my reporter that she is taking therapy, antidepressants (. ..) that he goes to therapy, but we don’t know,” he said.

“Now she says that she rides a bicycle (…) but to do sports you have to have a certain discipline and she has not shown that she has it, we do not see that that little belly that she wears does not show that she is exercising and leading a healthy life (. ..) Angie is a constant recurrence and no one so far has been able to get her out of that circle, but that depends as I always say, I’m not a psychologist, I’m not a drug addiction specialist, but I know that first you have to want to heal yourself”, he told her ‘Magician’.

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Magaly denies Josimar and reveals that “her business” belongs to another Peruvian

Magaly Medina did her thing. The “magpie” revealed that Josimar’s new venture has nothing new, since the real owner is another Peruvian, a cevichero who emigrated to the United States years ago, he put out a cevichería and in the midst of the pandemic decided to pack his products.

Adolfo Puchungo Yanez He was consulted about it, since he is a friend of the cevichero. In this regard, the former soccer player said that this product is from Arturo, a Peruvian who is doing well in the land of Uncle Sam.

“That’s from my leg, Arturo, a little boy, “Bunny” a friend of mine from Chibolo. He has had cevichería there in the United States and it has gone well for him, “he said. Adolfo Puchungo Yañez for “Magaly TV La Firme”.

In addition, for the footballer, it is possible that his friend has asked Josimar so that his business continues to grow. “What I know is that he made her a Cherry, like I did on the beach.”