Magaly Medina after saying ‘Gisela pelanduscas’: “Whoever feels alluded to is her problem” [VIDEO]

Strong declarations. In the latest edition ofand Magaly TV: La Firme, the driver Magaly Medina took advantage of her space to make a clarification. As it is recalled, the cumbiambera Giuliana Rengifo would have felt alluded to when she referred to the “pelanduscas” of Gisela Valcárcel, after she looked up the phrase in the dictionary.

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Given this, Magaly He pronounced himself: “Here no one should play the victim, whoever drops the glove let him chant, in this program we do not mention names, whoever wants to call himself runruna or any of the names I use in this program to speak in general, your problem will be,” he said at first.

“Here we talk about a lot of whores, which is also a synonym for pelanduscas, a traditional word, like bataclana,” added the communicator in the middle of her invitation to “Faraona” Marisol.

“I have not said pelandusca equal to so-and-so, for me pelanduscas is generic, it’s like saying lizards, runrunas, the one who sits and says it’s me, it’s your problem, here we don’t point the finger at anyone, “he concluded.

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Giuliana Rengifo annoys with the DJ who made a remix of ‘Police and the officer’: “I will defend myself”

The exBella bella infuriated, despite the fact that the DJ does not mention her in his remix because of the ‘police costume’ joke, the participant of ‘The big show’ The journalist Samuel Suárez from Instarandula attacked him and his detractors with a message.

“Dress up as a police officer so that you can be the official one… Run rune, run rune, there they go for all the monkeys with machine guns, those for which for many years they were the forgotten and hidden ones”, is heard saying in the lyrics of the song which does not mention his name.