Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano show previews of their new house: “We are excited”

Despite the criticism, Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano They are in one of the best stages of their relationship, reinforcing the love they have for each other and, along with it, fulfilling the projects that have been outlined. They have been demonstrating this on social networks, in which from time to time they show the progress of their new home in Surco.

Alfredo Zambrano lives together with Magaly Medina in his luxurious mansion in La Molina, a place that has ample space for both of them and for their two puppies. In social networks, the ATV driver has shown every corner of her home and, apparently, both have chosen to have a home together, so they began to build another house.

This Saturday, October 8, through her official Instagram account, the popular ‘Urraca’ was happy in the company of Alfredo Zambrano and presented the progress of her new home in Las Casuarinas, in Santiago de Surco.

“Here our new house is built”, can be read in the description of the story. In the following he expresses: “What illusion makes us see the advances”.

In the days of social confinement due to the spread of COVID-19, the show host took advantage of her free time to grow on social networks. One of the videos that had the most reach of her was the one in which she shows the rooms that she has in her house, located in La Molina.

The main room, the space for Alfredo Zambrano’s piano, the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen are some of the most attractive places that Magaly Medina has. The part that draws the admiration of her fans is her wardrobe, in which she keeps elegant shoes, glamorous dresses, and expensive handbags.