Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel: which magazine lasted the longest and why did they close?

Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel are the most famous television presenters at the national level, but not only because of their extensive career on the small screen, but also because of the conflicts they have been involved in for several decades. The rivalry between the two was also present in their work camps, because both wanted their journals were the most read in all of Peru. Why did they close them? Here we tell you.

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Magaly and Gisela: Which magazine lasted the longest?

Gisela ValcarcelGiven the resounding success he had on Peruvian television, he decided to have his own magazine. This is how in 1993 she revealed that Gisela your magazine would be part of the Peruvian home and became one of the most widely read. Unfortunately after 22 years, with some pauses, it was announced that no more editions of the written medium would be printed.

Secondly, Magaly Medina He also wanted a written medium to publicize his ampays, so he started his magazine in 2004. However, despite its apparent success, in 2017, thirteen years after the first publication, the ‘Magpie’ He announced that he would close it.

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Why did Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel decide to close their magazines?

According to what was announced Gisela Valcarcel, decided to close his magazine because he would make a digital version. “Now we are entering another stage. The digital age! And communications on other platforms take us to a different level. Very soon we will meet and have a new magazine, something that I hope and wish you enjoy,” said “Señito”, but as we know this never happened.

For your part Magaly Medina, used their social networks to publicize the drastic decision, but did not reveal their reasons. “To the readers of the magazine, I inform you that we have suspended its publication until further notice. Thank you for your understanding,” reads the ‘Urraca’ tweet.

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