Magaly Medina and the time she cried in front of “Peluchín”: why did she do it?

She couldn’t hold back the tears. Magaly Medina denied having cried in front of Gisela Valcárcel as she ‘little lady‘ he stated in “The big show”. Despite this, she admitted that he did face Rodrigo González both in public and in private.

After these revelations, many people have been interested in knowing when and why the ATV driver was vulnerable in front of ‘teddy bear‘. Next, we share all the information.

The event took place in October 2015, in the program that Magaly had in Latina. The interview took place because Rodrigo had publicly introduced his partner at the time, with whom he even starred on the cover of Stuff.

After talking about the relationship, the presenters began to touch on the controversial issue of their estrangement. González explained that the reasons for the breakup of the friendship were based on misunderstandings with Magaly’s husband and television issues.

I will always take care of you, I will always want the best. Even if it costs me another year without seeing you, even if it costs me that your boyfriend (Alfredo Zambrano) hates me”, said ‘Peluchín’.

After this, the driver tried to express everything she felt, but the emotion was too much and she could not hold back her tears.

One day I was in my room, packing, and I said ‘why isn’t ‘Ro’ here?’Magali declared. After this, the presenter approached to comfort her.

The interview ended with both presenters toasting with a glass of champagne. “Peluchín” reiterated her admiration for Magaly and how much he loved her, while the journalist gave her a hug, sealing her reconciliation.