Magaly Medina and the time that the Cayo’s mother almost attacked her in a shopping center

Magaly Medina has been characterized as one of the entertainment journalists with the most public support throughout her career on television. One of them occurred in the early 2000s, starring Bárbara Cayo and Carlos Thorton. Both actors were caught kissing on the Miraflores boardwalk despite the fact that the oldest of the Cayos was married.

As expected, the former member of Torbellino and Al fondo hay Sitio ended up separating and repudiating the driver. Even years later, Bárbara Cayo pointed out that Magaly should not exist since she is a person who contributes absolutely nothing to television.

“I not only lost important contracts because of that, but also my marriage. And if we want to talk about that, then people like her shouldn’t exist. Simple as that. My whole life was cut short and I even presume that it was the emotional stress that generated the cancer that, thank God, they detected me in time and that is now totally overcome ”, he indicated for the magazine Cosas.

In 2019, Magaly Medina visited Andrea Llosa’s set during her show, which aired at noon. That time, the controversial presenter revealed that, a few years ago, she was about to be attacked by Bárbara Cayo’s mother as a result of said ampay. The incident occurred in a shopping center in San Isidro, but luckily it did not reach adults.

“My mother lived in San Isidro and I did her shopping in the district’s commercial center. Then, one day I went in and since I was in the habit of not entering safely to do the shopping, I was on my way out and I met a lady who puts the car in and calls me the daughter of a… ”, he began in the program.

“And there I recognize her (Bárbara Cayo’s mother); So, I told him f … your daughters and he jumped on me to want to hit me. She couldn’t touch me because I put the car in front of her and the woman started screaming, she let go of her car and wanted to grab me by the hair, but she couldn’t. Wong’s security was very quick, they lifted her up in the air and took the woman out all hysterical, ”he added.

In the same program with Andrea Llosa, the popular ‘Urraca’ indicated that she had another similar incident, but, this time, with Bárbara Cayo herself. Magaly was having lunch in a restaurant with a mutual friend of the actress when she approached her in the middle of the premises and began to shout insults against her person.

“I can’t believe you have lunch with this one for which and he launched a series of insults. My husband told me: ‘let her talk like crazy, love, do not stoop’. I heard her talk and talk, my friend was super embarrassed and then I complained to the manager of the premises, “he said.