Magaly Medina announced images of the ampay between Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo: “Not to believe it”

The night is coming! This morning, Peru woke up with the news from love and fire for new photos of Paolo Hurtado next to Jossmery Toledo, with whom he would have spent a whole weekend together. However, Magaly, neither short nor lazy, announced her own through social networks.

Through instagramMagaly Medina announced that it will also have evidence of the new ampay that involves the Peruvian soccer player and the fitness model Jossmery Toledowho was involved in the end of the relationship between Paolo Hurtado and Rosa Fuentes.

YOU CAN SEE: Rosa Fuentes breaks her silence after a new ampay from Hurtado and Jossmery: “They are not ashamed, they are one for which”

“Not to be believed! The player and the ex-police spend a weekend together! Today I will show you the images” he points out. Magaly Medina through their Instagram stories. Let’s remember that one of the first media outlets to announce this new ampay was Teddy Bear of love and fire.

Almost a month after the ampay that showed the extramarital relationship that he had Paolo Hurtado with Jossmery Toledowould be in the news again today due to the images that so much love and fire as Magaly TV The Firm will present in their programs respectively.

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Rosa Fuentes broke her silence and spoke about the next ampay

Rosa Fuentes broke her silence after love and fire announced new images between Paolo Hurtado and Jossmery Toledo. On her social networks, she shared an important statement, where she told both of them everything, and also made it clear that she does not want to be married for another second.

“I just hope that the father of my children and my still husband give in and reconcile, that he does not do more damage and that he lets us move forward too, that he answers my lawyer to finish the legal procedures,” Fuentes specified through his official Facebook page. .