Magaly Medina ANNOUNCES that she will take LEGAL MEASURES to defend herself and answer: “I resist, but I am not one-armed” [VIDEO]

The host Magaly Medina could not stand fleas and announced that she will not be left with her hands tied around all situations where they stain her honor. In the recent edition of his show program He pointed out that he will start acting because he has the right to defend himself against the adjectives and accusations made against him.

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In the company of his lawyer Ivan Paredespointed out that they will initiate some legal processes against some characters of Peruvian television, starting with Richard Swingannouncing that he will be the first to be sued during his 25 years of television career.

“I resist, but they already abuse. I have the elements, I have the form, I am not one-armed. I have intelligence and lawyers,” said the ‘queen of the ampays‘, showing herself tired and even fed up with the processes that she has in force that, according to her defender, has eight cases in which the popular ‘magpie‘ it is linked.

Finally, Magaly Medina sentenced with a very popular phrase so that all those who are thinking of committing an action that is punishable can reconsider their attitude: “So, warned war does not kill people.”

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Magaly Medina “carefree” after the outcome of the trial with Lucho Cáceres

Last weekend it became known that the trial that lucho caceres He brought the host Magaly Medina to him had been favorable to the actor. However, in light of this, the tv presenter She was unconcerned about it and shared her moments with her followers and the general public.

Through Instagram, the ‘queen of the ampays’ announced that he traveled to cajamarca with her husband Alfredo Zambrano to spend his father-in-law’s birthday. In addition, she shone through the streets of the northern peruvian taking advantage of the little sun that had come out.