Magaly Medina annoys if she has a low rating and denies Andrea Llosa’s mattress: “The lie breaks me” [VIDEO]

The host of Magaly TV: La Firme did not hesitate to make things clear in her latest program, where she undoubtedly made it clear that it is not a problem for her to see if she has a bad day in ratings, which she is willing to assume for the time being. who denies having mattresses, meaning a number of people tuning in to ATV minutes before his show.

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His comments began as a result of Gisela Valcárcel’s last program in the great stara segment that did not give him two-digit figures and that fell to competing programs.

“Let’s start with our friend Gise, Gise can’t stand failures, don’t tell me stories that her last season, which was a disaster, that she is delighted with life and that she fulfilled her television dream,” he said Magaly Medina.

“She and I know, we are women who love to win, we love to be leaders, do not come pretending, pretending that we do not like it, we all like it, we love it,” she added unconcerned about the criticism.

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Magaly Medina acknowledges being a competitor for the rating and rules out a mattress for her program

After commenting on her comadre, the popular Urraca confessed that she could not bear to have a tune, moreover, she stated that she does not rely on “mattresses”, something that Andrea Llosa commented on during an interview with El Popular a few days ago.

“We are all interested in winning, I am interested in winning and I have little tolerance for frustration and I admit it publicly, when I don’t have a good rating here you know how I get,” said Maga.

“And when they tell me that they leave me a mattress when it is not true, you know how I get on, the lie breaks me, of course, well, how things are here by name”, he sentenced true to his style.