Magaly Medina boasts her notary by singing ‘O sole mio: “I love you” [VIDEO]

They distill honey. Television host Magaly Medina enjoys her vacation with Alfredo Zambrano, who surprised her with a romantic gesture of love by singing to her ‘Or just mine.

This detail did not go unnoticed by the journalist, who through her social networks She boasted and shared with her thousands of followers her husband’s talent and surprise for her.

The conductor of Magaly TV: The Firm uploaded to his official account Instagram the video of the moment in which the notary Alfredo Zambrano He shows off his bearing and vocal quality to the beat of ‘O sole mio.

“I love you (I love you)” was the tender dedication that Magaly medina she did to her husband applauding his interpretation of the Neapolitan song as if it were a whole tenor.

Peluchín to Magaly after criticizing Guerrero for a party: “He also held meetings in a pandemic”

The television host Rodrigo González reminds Magaly Medina of her social gatherings in ‘covid season’ with her husband and Daniela Darcourt, this after criticizing her Paolo Guerrero for birthday party.

“It is true, Paolo does not have a crown and should not have a party, but Magaly forgets that he also held meetings during the pandemic and even recorded a video of the notary in the middle of the second wave, along with Darcourt, another irresponsible and recidivist, “Peluchín sentenced.