Magaly Medina boasts the construction of her new house: “What illusion makes us see the progress” [VIDEO]

Always accompanied by her husband Alfredo Zambrano, Magaly Medina was very happy with the construction of her new house, which will be located in a residential area of ​​Lima. The redhead had no problem sharing how the progress of it is going.

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The popular ‘Urraca’ closes a week full of confrontations with the singer Giuliana Rengifo, and her arch enemy, Gisela Valcárcel. Yesterday, October 7, he had ‘Faraona’ on his set Marisol Ramirez, together they ‘chancaron’ the cumbiambera.

This afternoon, Saturday, October 8, Magaly Medina shared with her thousands of followers the construction of her new house. “How exciting it makes us to see the progress!” She reads her Instagram story. It is worth mentioning that she showed the vast land and her staff working.

Let us remember that the figure of ATV lives in an exclusive area of ​​La Molina, his house has a large garden, as well as a swimming pool and jacuzzi. She recently showed her modern property at her husband’s eldest daughter’s birthday party Alfred Zambrano.

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Magaly Medina remembers dancing with Roberto Martínez: “The flirtations of the great players do not work with me”

The TV host, Magaly Medina, recalled the dance she had with Roberto Martínez, in order to imitate the choreography with ‘Señito’. “There was not even half a spark, he was the gallant of the Gise, never mine. Roberto made him flirtatious. That flirtatiousness with me never worked for him, it never worked for the great players.”

Magaly Medina added that she rehearsed a lot to do the same choreography as her arch enemy. “She was wearing a good-looking Gise dress. How we made fun of it at that time! I told him ‘Roberto, great player, come here, since you danced with the aunt, dance with this aunt too (laughs)”.