Magaly Medina celebrates that the ‘ampay’ of Melissa and her dancer has won the best of the year

Jump on one foot! Melissa Paredes’ ‘ampay’ with her dancer Anthony Aranda In his truck he caused a stir in the Peruvian celebrity, this sounded moment was in charge of the production of Magaly Medina.

This sounded discovery came to separate Melissa Paredes from her ex-husband Rodrigo Cuba and his departure from América Hoy, where he was driving.

It was the Trome newspaper, which awarded the award to Magaly medina As the ‘ampay’ of the year 2021, she did not hesitate to replicate it on her networks.

“This was undoubtedly the ampay of the year, good work from my team,” wrote the television host.

Remember that Magaly medina He sent a message to all his followers for the New Year.

Magaly Medina reveals her cabal to welcome the New Year

The television host is in Spain to ring in the New Year, but she does not put aside her ideas to obtain money, love and success.

“Let’s start with the grapes, because it says that at 12 o’clock at night, with 12 chimes, people are hugging and eating their grapes and saying, for example, ‘this year I want a boyfriend’ … you are putting all your wishes in the grapes with a lot of determination, “he said.

“They say they bring little money, some eat them boiled, others put them in their pockets. I don’t know because once I ate lentils at 12 and nothing … The yellow pants for happiness and the red pants to get a boyfriend” revealed.